I have had a further read through your paper and received comment back from others. All of the parties that have reviewed the document believe it expresses the points well and in a tone that will be well received in New Zealand. We particularly like the directness of your paper and believe it hits on all of the main issues.

independent REVIEWer/ADVISER roles - tony taig


Independent Chair, International Expert Panel Review of Hadley Centre for Climate Change (part of 2006 Risk Solutions’ Review for Defra and MoD). 
Link here


HM Treasury "The Setting of Safety Standards: a report by an Interdepartmental Group and External Advisers", 1996.  Tony was the sole non-academic advisor.  Link here


House of Commons Regulatory Reform Committee: Witness to investigation into Fire Safety Reforms, 2005.  Link here


House of Commons Transport Select Committee: Special Advisor on Risk and Safety (the first such appointed to a HoC Select Committee), 1992-97.  Key reports on

(all House of Commons publications; not available on line)


London Underground Public Private Partnership: Independent member of Organisational Safety Review Team (OSART) - a board level committee set up to scrutinise every aspect of the transition to PPP and advise the Boards of London Regional Transport and London Underground Ltd accordingly.  Tony was the sole external member.