Tony is able to navigate and communicate with ease at the highest levels

You provided a natural intellectual leadership amongst a team of peers in consulting

Tony TAig, Director

I established TTAC Ltd as an independent consulting practice in 2001, after spending 24 years steeped in risk and business development in AEA Technology and its predecessor, UKAEA. I've worked on risk in many walks of life throughout my career covering topics from natural hazards and nuclear to food, the environment and transport (a particular interest).

The other major theme running through my working life has been the reduction of uncertainty through research and specialist advice - in particular by improving the interface between the (typically non-specialist) users of such research and advice, and the (typically more specialised) providers of it.

I love consulting; it brings together skills I enjoy using, from listening and finding out about new issues, to analysis of problems, exploration and evaluation of solutions, and helping persuade people (when appropriate!) of the merits of change.

Outside work I enjoy hockey, music, church, my garden and above all my family – my favourite non-work activity brings several of these together when I’m accompanying my daughters’ choir on the piano.

The link on the right provides some information on independent advisory roles I have carried out, including several on a 'personal' basis both before and since establishing TTAC.