You have given us a blueprint for moving forward - being able to compare ourselves with practice in other sectors and organisations has been invaluable.

developing solutions

The motivation for re-thinking your arrangements for dealing with risk and uncertainty may be some or all of

what's involved

To find the best solution for controlling risk and uncertainty you need to do two things:

how it's done

The 'optioneering' process starts with a search for ideas, which will typically explore

A good process will then evaluate these based on

what can go wrong

This is fertile territory for sub-optimal solutions, and a lot of resources being used ineffectively.  Typical reasons for this include

how we help

We help both with developing solution ideas and in evaluating which is best, in particular by

You can seen an example of a simple framework for taking stock of and improving risk management arrangements (an original TTAC picture now embedded into the UK national fire service guidance on Integrated Risk Management planning) here.

Examples of TTAC projects involving exploration of approaches from many walks of life are contained in the first and last of the sample projects on our PROJECTS page.