I do think this gives clarity and (my colleagues) are thrilled at the possible savings with spend being much more clearly focused.

TTAC news

Don't expect updates twice a day - we're only small.  But if there is something I think is newsworthy I'll post it here.  If I ever get round to it I might include commentary on topical issues of the day where "decisions under risk and uncertainty" are at issue!

January 2013:  TTAC review of Australian Rail Industry Safety & Standards Board published (see PROJECTS page).

December 2012: TTAC report on earthquake-prone buildings risk published by New Zealand Department of Building & Housing (see PROJECTS page).

November 2012: Post-Christchurch earthquake slope collapse risk assessments published by Christchurch City Council (see PROJECTS page)

October 2011:  Appointed by the Australian State & Commonwealth Governments to review the Australian Rail Industry Safety & Standards Board.

June 2011 - 2012 :  Much activity in the Antipodes working with GNS Science on slope collapse risks following the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

June 2010: TTAC web site goes live!!

April 2010:  LPG Risk Assessment published - HSE published the TTAC assessment of risks associated with underground domestic LPG service pipework (see PROJECTS page).

November 2009:  TTAC completes its 100th customer project.